What do the participants think? – small selection of the 98% positive feedbacks

“Fabulous personnel management.”
(participant in a training wit)

“You are very flexible to our wishes. I rarely make this positive experience.”
(participant in a time management seminar, automotive)

“It takes a lot for your daily work, I would not have thought that so much would be immediately applicable.”
(participant in a telephone training, utilities)

“A great day! I can be brave now. I would now like to gather more evidence and implement things. ”
(participant in a self-marketing seminar, public service)

“The practical experience was good, not just theory as often before, the direct feedback helped me. With these guidelines we get very far. ”
(participant in a writing exercise, utilities)

“It was very nice to get to know my colleagues closer as private people. I do question myself. ”
(participant in a seminar on employee interviews, automaker)

“Communication is decisive.”
(participant in a telephone training, dentistry)

“Very interesting, everything is new, the way of opening the topic for us was very good. No projector, I feel prepared for the future.”
(participant in a seminar on complaint management, insurance industry)

“It was great fun, feel roused, no longer want to fall back into old habits.”
(participant in a writing exercise, utilities)

“The move into the customer’s position was good. I now have a different perspective.”
(participant in a telephone training, automaker)

“Empathy for difficult cases, this really is possible!”
(participant in a writing exercise, insurance industry)

“I did not even participate. I am now very glad I did it. Even any expectations would have been surpassed.”
(participant in a seminar on development meetings, automaker)

“I really liked everything: practical examples and anecdotes. It also was important to focus on our company. ”
(participant in a train the trainer seminar, utilities)